Ichimura’s textile operation continuously introduces
high value-added products, which harness creative innovation
and advanced technology, and environmentally friendly materials.

With the efficient product-development system to comply quickly with our customers’ requests, we are one of Japan’s major textile-converting companies, producing textiles in our group factories and supplying them to apparel manufacturers and trading companies all over the world, such as in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
The independent production and development technology and expertise we have accumulated allow us to supply a lineup of high quality, high fashion and high performance textiles at reasonable prices. We are dedicated to developing outstanding textiles with properties that surpass even those of natural fibers, including unprecedented sheen, dyeability, and texture.
Also, in the areas of yarn, weaving, dyeing and finishing, we have established strong partnerships with technologically superior factories both in Japan and overseas, developing systems for stable production and sales of high quality and high fashion textiles.

Main handled products

Ladies Casual
Using mainly synthetic fibers and combining different types of yarn, we create elegant textiles with excellent dyeability and texture. Thanks to a combination of two types of yarn with contradictory characteristics, high-shrinkage yarn and stretch yarn, the fabric has a bouncy feel for good tailoring and superior shape retention.
Lightweight and high-density fabrics with the look and texture of natural fiber
High-quality fabrics for outerwear with superior sheen, smoothness and softness
We have an extensive lineup of textiles to meet the needs of our customers.
<Textile categories>
  • *"Mirafire", the Grand Prize winner of an annual synthetic textile award, is an elegant material featuring excellent color, highly bouncy texture and wrinkle-resistant properties.
  • *Lightweight, high-density nylon fabrics with the texture of natural fibers.
  • *Our unique microfiber fabrics feature spectacular sheen reminiscent of silk.
Sports / Outdoor
We develop and market fabrics providing unparalleled comfort and high performance for sports activities such as skiing & snowboarding, tennis, golf, running and cycling, and outdoor activities such as mountaineering, hiking and camping.
Combining functions such as water repellency, water-resistance, moisture-permeability, water-absorption, quick-drying, heat retention, stretch and so forth with the excellent texture and durability of synthetic woven and knitted fabrics, we are collaborating closely with sports-apparel companies to develop the most advanced functional fabrics for sports and outdoor clothing, in order to enrich our customers’ lives.
Ethnic clothing / Shirts / Thoubs
We offer diverse product variations in terms of texture and sheen, by combining various spun fibers such as polyester, cotton and rayon through our original material-development technologies, pursuing comfort and impeccable tailoring.
Through direct dialogue with customers in the Middle East and accurate understanding of their needs, we place the utmost priority on customer satisfaction.
The “IMA” brand of Ichimura Sangyo Co. Ltd. is one of the most popular brands in the Middle East.

*A thoub is an article of ethnic clothing commonly worn by men in the Middle East (such as in the UAE and Saudi Arabia).
We provide products to meet the needs of customers in all kinds of workplace environments, including uniforms for manual labor and the service industry, hospital uniforms, office uniforms and more.
Primarily using blends of polyester and cotton or other natural fibers, we offer an extensive lineup that fulfills multifaceted user needs, including environmentally friendly, high-performance, and high-fashion products.
Making maximum use of our capabilities as a textile converter, we will aggressively pursue the development of new products and offer unprecedented uniform fabric choices to our customers.
Interior / Bedding / Apparel Materials
In the interior and bedding categories, we emphasize health, safety and environmental awareness, offering materials that combine outstanding performance and design to provide comfortable living spaces and superior residential lifestyles.
For interlining and other apparel material applications, we employ proprietary thread processing and weaving production technologies, creating materials with unique functions and textures, and proactively collaborating with our customers on product development.


ICHIMURA SANGYO is a Toray Group Company.